Gira helps set the temperature for the change in seasons

Gira has introduced a new room temperature controller to the UK market, a new addition to the Gira System 3000 product family.

Working together with the wireless Gia eNet SMART HOME as well as wired KNX smart home systems like the Gira HomeServer and the Gira X1 mini server, the Gira System 3000 is designed to be used seamlessly with the exclusive Gira smart home app, offering security and data-protection while keeping the home HVAC to the desired settings.

The controller is easily installed using a 230v power line without requiring any extra cables, a network or a server. Once installed, users can access it via Bluetooth and the appropriate app to set the times the controller needs to reach the ideal temperature.

When no one is home, the heating will only switch on if the temperature falls below a specified minimum temperature. This saves unnecessary heating costs and ensures the home is always a comfortable temperature.

The smart heating also allows homeowners to use timers to set different temperatures in different rooms so that the heating in each room is at the optimum level when it needs to be used.

If there is a sudden cold snap and the heating needs boosting, homeowners can turn the heat up via the app on their tablet or smartphone.

The Gira temperature controller can also be layered with other functions for automated lights and blinds with an integrated system and control them via apps.