Kanto moves TVs closer to wall with launch of new mounts

Kanto has launched a series of new mounts in the UK market designed to give installers more flexibility when mounting TVs to give users a more immersive home cinema experience.

Capable of supporting TVs up to 100”, Kanto’s PMX700 Pro Series Full Motion TV Wall Mount features two articulating arms that can be horizontally offset to give integrators and users more discretion over where the TV is placed.

The full motion wall mount has 31.3” of extension, allowing the user to tilt and swivel the TV for the perfect viewing angle.

Ensuring the TV doesn’t protrude too much from the wall, the mount’s low-profile design allows the TV to sit 2.6” from the wall when fully retracted. It also has cable management clips for a tidy appearance.

For slightly smaller TVs from 37-75”, Kanto’s new PDX650 is a full motion TV wall mount that allows flatscreens to sit 2” from the wall. Its generous tilt and swivel capabilities are complemented by 21.8” of extension, making it easy to place the TV in most optimal position.

PDX650 Full Motion TV Wall Mount

For a clean aesthetic, it includes magnetic wall plate covers to hide any signs of installation.

For 43-90” screens, Kanto has launched the TE300 Extendable Tilting TV Wall Mount. This mount can be pulled away from the wall up to 6” providing easy access to the back of the TV, eliminating the need to plan cabling in advance. This extension also allows the TE300 to pan 8-degrees to the left or right, while 12-degrees of forward tilt and 2-degrees backward tilt help to avoid glare and improve visibility when mounted above eye level.

TE300 Extendable Tilting TV Wall Mount

The oversized TV bracket allows users to adjust the TV vertically, while the wide, open-frame wall bracket provides horizontal adjustment and an area to route cables.

Main image: PMX700 Pro Series Full Motion TV Wall Mount

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