Leema launches Neutron and Graviton amplifiers

Leema Acoustics’ recently unveiled Quantum range has seen its first two offerings with the formal launch of Neutron and Graviton amplifiers.

The Quantum amplifiers comprise the Neutron DAC/preamp and Graviton power amp. The new Quantum collection has been designed, engineered and built in the Welshpool factory in Powys, Wales,  and overseen by Leema Acoustics’ co-founder and ex-BBC sound engineer, Lee Taylor.

The Neutron is a preamp that distils Leema Acoustics’ near 25-year UK hi-fi manufacturing experience into an audio ‘hub’. Designed to be as transparent as possible, while offering flexibility with 13 inputs, the Neutron introduces Leema Acoustics’ latest circuit designs, featuring reference-standard crosstalk for transparency.

For vinyl enthusiasts, the Neutron offers switchable MM/MC phono stage, based on Leema Acoustics’ proprietary design. The preamp also benefits from an asynchronous ESS 24-bit/192 kHz USB DAC, a dedicated headphone amplifier, plus a Burr-Brown analogue volume control.

The Neutron includes 13 (nameable) inputs: 4x RCA and 1x XLR; 1x MM/MC phono stage; 3x optical; 3x coaxial and 1x USB. Outputs include: fixed-level record; 2x dedicated subwoofer; a dedicated headphone amplifier, plus a 12 V trigger.

The Graviton stereo power amp benefits from a toroidal power supply which gives the Graviton s control over loudspeakers. A Class A/B design, offering 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 260 watts into 4 ohms, the Graviton’s high-current topology deploys six output transistors per channel for huge dynamic ability coupled with unforced sonic detail. 

The Graviton has a single transformer supply and six matched Toshiba output transistors per channel, allowing current delivery for transient capability and reliability. Dual speaker binding posts are included to allow for bi-wiring, plus line level loop through-outputs for bi-amping.

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