LG to show latest lifestyle home entertainment innovations at CES 2022

Highlighting a more home-centric way of living, LG Electronics will unveil its latest lineup of Lifestyle TVs at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

Focusing on versatility and style for modern homes, the Lifestyle TVs are designed to transform a home into an office, gym, gallery, workshop or entertainment centre while elevating décor.

Made up of two models, the lineup in the Lifestyle TV range is made up of the LG Objet TV (model 65Art90) and the LG StanbyME (model 27Art10), both designed to deliver new value and user experiences when compared to conventional display design. Featuring unique for factors and functionality, these distinctive models are ideal for the modern multifunctional homes where working, learning, entertaining and relaxing are all part of the daily mix.

The LG Objet TV is designed to resemble a canvas, with a minimalist style to blend in with a room and uses subtle, neutral colours to complement this. A fabric cover can be raised or lowered via the included LG remote to cover the TV when not in use. Lowering the cover reveals the full extent of the screen for the maximum viewing experience. Users can also partially cover the display to see only a curated selection of lifestyle functions.

LG Objet TV in Line View mode

When in Full View mode, LG Objet TV features a 65” OLED evo panel and advanced processor to display vivid and accurate colour expression and contrast. To complement the display, the TV also features an 80W, 4.2-channel sound system.

When set to Line View, the TV can help users stay on track throughout the week with ‘Date & Clock’, or it can transform into a convenient audio player in the Music setting. It can also display a collection of exclusive space and nature-themed images when set to Gallery.

The fabric cover, made by Danish textile innovator, Kvadrat, is interchangeable, giving customers three colour options – Kvadrat Beige, Kvadrat Redwood, or Kvadrat Green. The three colour options have been carefully selected for their ability to match a wide colour palette and blend in with a range of interior designs.

Being slightly more design focused than other TVs, the LG Objet TV is slender yet sturdy and is designed to be positioned against a wall at an angle of up to 5-degrees, resembling artwork in a gallery. The TV’s in-frame cable system makes it easy to connect external devices such as a set-top box or game console while maintaining its clean, contemporary lines. The TV can also be installed flush to the wall if required.

The other TV in the new Lifestyle range is the LG StanbyME. The TV is a unique entertainment centre with a wireless private TV screen with a built-in battery attached to a moveable stand with concealed wheels for three hours of viewing between charges.

LG StanbyME TV

LG StanbyME can easily be moved from room to room for flexibility. The 27” screen can be used to watch movies, TV shows and streamed content, while also being ideal for video conferencing with family and co-workers and viewing online lectures.

Ergonomically designed, the LG StanbyME screen can be swivelled, tilted and rotated while in both landscape and portrait orientations. The height can also be adjusted allowing the viewer to customise the position according to the usage scenario, ensuring optimal comfort for different situations.

Thanks to Mobile Screen Mirroring, users can easily stream content to the TV using the Android and iOS smartphones and NFC. A removable cradle allows the viewer to place a phone on top of the TV to create a fast and secure solution for video calls, online classes and streaming content. Users can also connect their laptops or PCs to StanbyME via a wired (USB, HDMI) or wireless connection.

The LG StanbyME has various intuitive control options, including remote, touch and gesture recognition. The user interface designed specifically for this TV is highly unique and is tailored to the viewer’s personal viewing habits.

Like the LG Objet TV, the LG StanbyME features an understated, modern design to complement various décors. It features a rear cover clad in a textured fabric and finished in an exclusive Pure Beige colour. When not being used as a TV, it can display artwork, photos or a calendar with a clock.

The new Lifestyle TVs will be unveiled at CES 2022 in January.

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