Monitor Audio unveils modern loudspeaker inspired by 80s

Studio 89 is the latest loudspeaker to be introduced from Monitor Audio, taking inspiration from the 1980s Studio Series which brought studio monitor-quality sound to the home.

Introduced today, Studio 89 is a small, compact and visually unique speaker capable of filling large rooms with a high-quality soundstage, imaging and detail, continuing to bring ‘studio monitoring quality’ into the home, thanks to the ‘point source’ MTM (Mid-Tweeter-Mid) Array drive unit configuration.

The latest MPD (Micro-Pleated Diaphragm) III high-frequency transducer has been positioned between twin RDT (Rigid-Diaphragm Technology) III 4¼-in bass-mid drivers, while a highly optimised third-order crossover ensures the perfect frequency response across each drive unit for total symmetry, helping to control sound dispersion and resulting in a high-fidelity sound of a scale and quality not expected from a speaker of that size.

The twin bass-mid driver cones are made up of three ultra-thin layers to ensure rigidity and strength. A C-CAM (ceramic-coated aluminium magnesium) outer skin sits over a Nomex honeycomb central core with the underside skin made up of a woven carbon fibre, making it super lightweight but very strong.

Every drive unit must work in harmony with the others, and the frequency transition between each needs to be seamless. Therefore, the crossovers have undergone hours of listening and part selection, using bespoke polypropylene and polyester capacitors, air-core and low-loss laminated steel-core inductors to provide maximum signal transfer and reduced distortion for optimum sound delivery.

The Studio 89 also benefits from an extremely strong and rigid cabinet structure, with its compact proportions including an 18mm front baffle with rigid 15mm side walls. Internal walls have been precisely calculated and positioned to provide additional strength and bracing, while also allowing airflow to funnel via the top and bottom of the cabinet through the high-velocity HiVe II slot ports, reducing potential turbulence and air noise.

Delivering on Monitor Audio’s Transparent Design Philosophy, an R&D philosophy of maintaining a balance between design and technology, the cabinet design works in harmony with the drive unit and crossovers. One is never allowed to overpower the other and both play a vital role in delivering on the promise of musical neutrality and acoustic transparency.

Taking its inspiration from the original Studio 15, Studio 89 features a high-gloss black finish, with metal cone drivers which are finished in gold. Studio 89 is the only model that Monitor Audio offers in this luxurious finish.

A bespoke stand has also been made for the Studio 89 loudspeaker, using bespoke metals to ensure optimum rigidity for a perfect listening experience. The top plate is laser-cut steel, the pole is extruded aluminium, and the base is diecast aluminium. The four adjustable feet are supplied with both chrome-plated spikes for carpeted floors and domed rubber feet for hard floors.

Available from today (1st July 2024), Studio 89 is priced at £2,000 / €2,350 / $2,500 per pair. The Studio 89 Stand is available at £500 / €600 / $625.


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