Netatmo launches its first Matter product at CES 2022

Netatmo has released the Smart Security Sensor, its first product under the new Matter standard, developed by more than 220 companies to widen the interoperability of smart home products regardless of brand.

The new Smart Security Sensor features a contact sensor and an infrared motion detector, designed to improve home security and comfort. The sensor can be placed on doors and windows and will detect their opening and alert the user via notification on their smartphone. Users can also remotely check on the open or closed status of each equipped door or window.

An infrared motion detector is also included in the sensor. Thanks to Matter compatibility, it can interact with several other connected products in a smart way. For example, if it detects that the room is occupied, it can be programmed to turn the heating on and turn it back off when it is empty.

Netatmo is a stakeholder in the Connectivity Standard Alliance and has worked within the Legrand Group to develop a communication standard between connected objects, now known as the Matter standard. It allows consumers to purchase different branded devices without worrying if they will be compatible with each other and other devices they may already own. It also extends the possibilities for interaction between products and simplifies the use of voice assistants.

The Matter standard is backed by IP technologies such as Wi-Fi or Thread. These protocols allow products to connect with each other, but to interact usefully, they must also speak the same language. Matter formalises this language and allows interoperability between products on the home network.

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