Portable display doubles up as short throw projector

Arovia, a startup launched in 2016, has announced Splay, a foldup portable 24” display which also has a projection unit for a 60” display on the go.

Back in 2016, the company launched SPUD which stands for Spontaneous Pop-Up Display. It is a 24”, 720p resolution monitor which can be collapsed down and carried around in a rucksack which user can then pop up similar to an umbrella and use it for multiple applications such as a second display at work, a screen to watch movies on while camping, etc.

Now, the company is about to launch the Splay, a similar product but the projection unit has been upgraded to give a brighter, higher-resolution image.

Splay allows viewers to watch content in bright, Full HD resolution on the 24” pop up display. When folded away ready to put in a backpack, Splay is the size of a book, making it easy to carry around. It is two times brighter and one pound lighter than SPUD, weighing just 2.1lb.

Image: Arovia / Splay

The company has ensured the screen will not have any creases or wrinkles in it, even thought it stays folded down. They said: “Through years of R&D, our patent granted Splay material science technology is the only display (projection or otherwise) that can fully fold without permanent wrinkles. We have also received patents for the only one-step (and extremely durable) expand and collapse display.”

Users can plug in any device using a HDMI cable or wireless adapter to enjoy their content. This allows users to connect their phone, tablet, laptop, Switch, gaming console, and more to Splay.

Splay’s display is three times bigger than most laptop, USB monitors, and tablet displays, according to Arovia. For a bigger screen experience, users can remove the screen from the device to access projector mode. This then turns the device into an ultra-short-throw projector capable of displaying pictures up to 60”.

Arovia says that in less than a minute, users can remove the display technology and with the press of a button, flip the image and project on a wall. “With the short focal length optics you can project a 60” diagonal Full HD image from less than two feet away. Projector mode also features auto-keystone correction so if the projector is tilted, it will automatically flatten the image on the wall. When you need to use it in display mode, it is just as easy to put the display back.”

Image: Arovia / Splay

Integrated speakers are included to provide loud and powerful sound through Splay.

It also features a long-lasting battery which also doubles up as a power bank to charge other devices.

Splay will be launching soon on Kickstarter with a launch price of $699 with an expected retail price of $1,299.

Main image: Arovia / Splay