New SIM2 laser projector creates crystal cinema experience

Crystal SIM2 1

SIM2 has premiered its latest innovation for home cinema, describing it as “the best SIM2 middle high-end product we’ve ever made”.

The Crystal 4 Sh Superhybrid laser projector is SIM2’s latest development for home cinema and features a high-precision lens, coupled with the company’s latest laser-hybrid light source, the latest 0.66-in DMD with state-of-the-art processing and HDR management, to create a middle priced unit that competes with top-class projectors. 

With a peak brightness of 3,600 lumens, the Crystal 4 Sh Superhybrid features the same HDR processing developed for the award-winning SIM2 NERO 4S. The accurate HDR processing enables the image details to be completely accurate in dark and/or bright parts of the image. 

The company stated: “Brightness without dynamics and proper management is not enough to create an extraordinary picture. Based on our 20 years of experience in DLP development, coupled with the experience gained in designing the award-winning NERO 45, we are now able to provide simply the best emotive experience in home cinema.”

Crystal SIM2 2

Colour accuracy has been a focus in the making of the Crystal 4 Sh Superhybrid, with a perfect white point colour and an expanded colour space which exceeds 80% of the DCI standard, giving the picture a more natural look.

Utilising the latest developments in the blue laser and phosphor technology, the Crystal 4 Sh Superhybrid’s new laser combines high brightness with a colour gamut that not only reaches REC709 but goes far beyond it, offering natural, true colours with correct colour stability.

Using a high resolution, very low dispersion 1.6x zoom projection lens, coupled with the high performance of the DMD, the projector produces very low background light and high contrast levels. The 0.66-in DMD chip allows a higher brightness and much lower dispersed light, compared to the smaller 0.47-in chip. 

SIM2’s Anticlipping Contrast Adjustment technology automatically adapts the parameters of the projector to the various Blu-ray discs ad in particular to the ‘nits’ of the disc, preventing the clipping of the image in the bright parts. This gives a rich and detailed image. 

The Superhybrid mode dramatically improves the contrast by adjusting dynamically all the parameters of the projector in combination with the laser source. 

SIM2’s special PC software, LCC 4.0 (Live Colour Calibration) is included which allows accurate automatic colour calibration. By connecting a colour probe and the projector to the PC, the software allows graphic adjustment of both the primary and secondary colours to arrive at the chosen target. The process can also be automatic.

In some home environments, the projector is installed very close to the viewers and therefore has to be as quiet as possible. According to SIM2, the Crystal 4 Sh Superhybrid is one of the most silent projectors on the market. The design of the cooling system and the solid 7mm crystal glass cabinet prevents noise from coming out of the top, back and front of the projector. 

As the name suggests, the Crystal 4 Sh Superhybrid is housed in an elegant and minimalist crystal glass-based cabinet to be aesthetically pleasing no matter where it is installed. 

It comes in either white or black glass finish and an invisible glass back door hides all the inputs, cables and connectors.