Nice/Nortek Control’s software upgrade release adds new features to smart home control

Nice/Nortek Control has released its Software Upgrade 8.7 for ELAN Control Systems, driving the latest control technology and broader integration to deliver convenience and personalisation to homeowners.

Amongst several other major new features and enhancements, the software upgrade has added Direct Control functionality, Bluetooth player capability, an entirely new subcategory of utility products integration, and the first integration with 2GIG EDGE Security Panel, making the update significant to both integrators and end users of ELAN products.

The 8.7 Software adds complete control to important lifestyle aspects of today, such as home security, wellness, and home integrity, such as water leak detection, components without additional hardware.

A new Direct Control feature allows ELAN Remote Controls to communicate natively with an ELAN Controller, rather than using the home Wi-Fi for instant connections, even in environments where home networks may be challenging. The new Bluetooth player instantly turns every ELAN Touch Panel into a Bluetooth receiver, eliminating the need for any external receiver. Anyone in the home, whether family members or guests, can connect their smartphone through an ELAN Touch Panel to play their own music through the whole home audio system.

The Software Upgrade also provides extensive new integration with popular home wellness and security products for an easier to design, install and enjoy total control solution. For example, a new subcategory for popular utility products, such as power management and conditioning, air quality, and leak detection, has been added to bring more visibility to the wellness of the home for homeowners. Further, setting the standard for security and control from a single platform, the 8.7 Software is the first to deliver seamless integration with the 2GIG EDGE Security Panel.


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