Noveto launches invisible headphone device sending audio via ultra-high frequency waves

An Israeli start-up company has launched the pre-sale of its Kickstarter campaign for the SoundBeamer, a desktop device capable of beaming pockets of sound and music outside the listener’s ears.

Due to be officially released in Q4 2021, Noveto System’s revolutionary SoundBeamer dynamically moves the source of the sound around the listener in 3D and beams the sound to only the listener without disturbing anyone else nearby, creating a new way of listening to audio.

Using a 3D sensing module, SoundBeamer locates and tracks the listener’s ear position and sends audio via ultra-high frequency acoustic waves to create focused invisible sound pockets beside their ears. This enables the user to hear stereo, 3D, or even novel spatial 3D sound within the pockets without wearing any physical headphones or devices. What’s more, the user can move around and the sound pockets follow, still without disturbing the surrounding environment.

The acoustic waves are controlled by patented DSP engines and algorithms combined with the Noveto proprietary chipset.

Noveto’s SoundBeaming gives users a unique, personal, and immersive sensory experience without isolating them from their surroundings, allowing them to leave and re-enter the sound pockets as they like. The sound pockets follow the listener while in the vicinity of the SoundBeamer ensuring freedom of movement.

Designed for use in many environments, the SoundBeamer’s spatial 3D capabilities make it ideal for video conferencing, gaming, and home entertainment. It can also be used in cars to notify drivers of directional alerts and navigation, as well as enhancing fitness as an alternative option to wearables which can get in the way.

Using Bluetooth, it can be connected to a smartphone, tablet, PC or TV.

As well as its pre-sale announcement, Noveto is also unveiling new hardware and software features for the SoundBeamer 1.0. This includes a new AI-based built-in voice, facial and gesture recognition tool, and ambient sound monitoring, enabling natural and intuitive interaction.

The SoundBeamer 1.0 has also received an upgrade through Noveto’s D1 Chipset which works with the software to produce digital signals for the proprietary Noveto transducer array, which then beamforms audio pockets to outside the user’s ears.

The Kickstarter campaign can be found here

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