Overhaul of Audio Excellence speakers and subs sees all products upgraded

Audio Excellence products

Audio Excellence, the audio department of Screen Excellence has upgraded its Vertex loudspeakers and Raijuu subwoofers as part of an update to its entire product range.

Vertex loudspeakers operate from 100 Hz to 22kHz. They are to be coupled to one or more bass extension units, usually of the Raijuu 1 type, via an active DSP crossover.

The Vertex 1 now has a ported bass-reflex enclosure with the bass response enhanced in the 100 Hz-250 Hz range. An improved tweeter extends the treble response to 25 kHz. The grille size now matches the cabinet size and the angles have been squared.

Changes to the Vertex 2 focus on aesthetics with the formerly round edges now angular and the front grill size reduced to cabinet size. It has also been given a new crossover implementation to rationalise its production.

Cosmetic changes to the Vertex 3 include the front grille being made the same width and height as the box. The width has been increased to 55cm to visually match the Raijuu 2 subwoofer so together the products form a neat vertical stack.

The 12-in drive unit on the Raijuu 1 subwoofer has been replaced by two 8-in drive units for an enhanced thermal power handling and SPL. The acoustic load, previously a sealed enclosure, has been replaced by a ported bass reflex, allowing an increased output of + 5dB at 40 Hz. Dimensions and function remain the same.

The Raijuu 2 is supported by a new decoupling base. Its 18-in drive unit has been upgraded and now accepts 1400 Watts AES power handling and 2800 Watts program. Its recessed handles were suppressed and the modified cabinet now offers more internal volume for the same external size.