Paris Rhône taps into home cinema with new 4K laser TV

Home appliance veteran, Paris Rhône is entering the high-end home entertainment sector with its first AV product, the PE-LT002 4K Laser TV.

Having spent over 100 years manufacturing household electricals and selling them worldwide, Paris Rhône is entering the new market by raising funds for the new laser projector on crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo.

The new Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector displays 4K resolution with 8.3million pixels and HDR10 to deliver crisp and detailed images on an 80”-150” screen. The projector also features ALPD Technology, giving 20% higher light source efficiency and 25,000 hours lamp life. The laser’s 25,000 hours of life is 10 times longer than an average bulb projector life.

Accurate colour expressions are delivered thanks to the wide colour gamut. The Paris Rhône 4K Laser Projector adopts 100% Rec.709 colour gamut to completely display the rick and vivid colours. Its brightness means it can be used in dark as well as light areas, and its high contrast of 3000:1 allows the laser to clearly project more details despite the ambient light.

The projector has two intelligent PIR motion sensors built-in which will sense someone approaching and automatically reduce the brightness to protect the person’s eyes.

For high action scenes and sports, the Paris Rhône laser features MEMC to ensure a higher frame rate, avoiding blurry images in fast moving scenes. For gamers, low-latency gaming is available with 60Hz refresh rate and 50ms of input lag.

To create a more immersive experience, the projector is also equipped with two 25W drivers that support Dolby audio and DTS decoding for stereo sound.

The projector can be connected to a range of devices using its versatile connectivity options, including a USB port, two HDMI input ports including ARC, Audio output port, AV input port and an Ethernet port.

The Paris Rhône 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector is available in black or grey. It has been launched on Indiegogo and mass production and shipping is expected to start in the next couple of months.