Philips TV to offer Mimi Sound Personalisation

TP Vision has announced that Philips TV will include Mimi Sound Personalisation, allowing users to tailor their TV’s sound performance specifically to their hearing profile.

TP Vision has confirmed that the technology will be available on all models in the following Philips TV series: 85x6 / 9006 / 9206 / 9506 / OLED706 / OLED8x6.

Mimi Sound Personalisation allows viewers to personalise their TV audio to their unique hearing profile by taking a short hearing test on an iOS or Android handset or tablet. This then creates a Hearing ID profile which can then be easily synced to the TV via QR code, resulting in a personalised and optimised sound performance that creates a more enjoyable experience.

Mimi, which is based on three patented core technologies with over 75 patent applications, uses unique technology and process algorithms to profile more than 100 parameters to accurately assess, customise and optimise the audio to the individual’s hearing ability.

The user’s unique hearing ability is primarily assessed in two areas: the lowest intensity sound that they can detect and their ability to process ‘masked’ sounds.

 The technology will be available on most of the 2021 Philips Android TV series, with new models due to be launched from May onwards.

“We have always considered the user’s overall experience to be an essential part of any Philips TV’s offering and just as important as outright picture and sound quality,” said Martijn Smelt, TP Vision’s CMO Europe. “The inclusion of the Mimi functionality is proof that TV viewing can be further improved and personalised to make it a more immersive and enjoyable experience.”

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