Presitge Audio’s Cinema Creator app supports interior designers with home cinema projects

Home cinema designer and installer Prestige Audio has launched an app to help interior designers create home cinemas.

The Cinema Creator app, part of Prestige Audio’s Cinema Installer offering, was created to ensure designers remain in control of the aesthetics, while technical and installation aspects of the system are handled by Cinema Creator and the company’s team of specialist home cinema installers.

Joe Carri, director at Prestige Audio and driving force behind Cinema Creator, explains: “Using our powerful software, anyone can now create all the technical designs and aesthetic elements that go into building a world-class home cinema.

“Taking just a few minutes, interior designers, developers or other professionals can create a complete proposal that will show the customer exactly how their cinema will look by making a few simple choices for the walls, seating, carpets, curtains or other furnishing aspects of the space. Merely indicating the size of the space (small, medium, large) gives our system all the information it requires to specify the equipment needed to create the perfect home cinema performance. Using the system, what used to take days, sometimes weeks, now takes a matter of minutes.”

The complete PDF proposal the system creates provides details to support designers through planning to execution.

Cinema Creator’s user interface lets designers experiment with different colour schemes, materials and seating arrangements.

Designs can be viewed from different angles, with changes implemented in real time. Notes can be made within the system for special requirements.

Cinema Creator supports collaboration between interior designers, clients, and other contractors with real-time project sharing.

The platform has a catalogue of high-quality AV products and home cinema accessories, including projectors and immersive sound systems, removing the need for users to have technical knowledge.

The service is launching with three main design approaches from which bespoke systems can be created: The Hertford, Int3 and Wave. More will be added as the system grows with an Art Deco themed design already in the works.

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