TP Vision launches Philips Fidelio wireless AV platform

Philips Sound is launching a new Fidelio focused wireless AV platform to provide seamless connection and streaming between compatible TVs, mobile devices, soundbars, and speakers.

Based on proprietary DTS Play-Fi technology, the Philips Fidelio wireless AV system uses a premium, app controlled, high-resolution, wireless multiroom audio platform to connect various compatible devices throughout the home.

Philips is currently previewing three new models that be the first products to join the new Fidelio focused AV platform this year. The three models bring Fidelio performance and a coherent family design to multiroom, multichannel, high-quality audio streaming.

Making up the first three products of the new series is the Fidelio FB1 wireless soundbar, the Fidelio FW1 wireless subwoofer and the Fidelio FS1 bookshelf sized wireless speaker. The three models will become available in the second half of 2022.

Working on an intelligent ecosystem, the new Fidelio range speakers can detect when it has been connected to another in the range and will automatically adjust the sound to ensure the best acoustic performance is delivered.

The Fidelio FB1 is a discrete, slimline 7.1.2 soundbar specifically designed to be paired with the latest bezel free, high-end TVs. It features 15 drivers and 310W (RMS) of power to give an immersive sound experience.

Fidelio FB1 wireless soundbar

Divided into independent enclosures for its LCR sections to minimise crosstalk and ensure high resolution and clarity, each of the soundbar’s LCR channels feature a pair of midrange drivers mounted either side of a tweeter in a classic D’Appolito arrangement for better integration of the mid and high range sound.

To give a surround sound effect, the soundbar has two side-firing drivers, one mounted at each end. Two dedicated Dolby Atmos elevation driver mounted on top of the soundbar, either side of a dedicated bass enclosure with two subwoofers, further extends the sound.

The soundbar is finished in a Muirhead leather wrap around the chamfered edge and an acoustically transparent metal mesh.

The Fidelio FW1 wireless subwoofer features a large down-firing 8” woofer driver supplemented by two side mounted passive radiators, working back-to-back, and with a powerful 200W (RMS) amplifier to give deep and detailed bass.

Fidelio FW1 wireless subwoofer

Again, the subwoofer is finished in a mix of Muirhead leather and wood finishes with a brushed aluminium top.

The FS1 wireless speaker is a versatile, three-way flexible design, ideal for use as a single unit, a stereo pair, or as satellite speakers in a 7.1.4 system with the FB1 and FW1.

Fidelio FS1 bookshelf sized wireless speaker

The FS1 includes a front firing tweeter, an angled, up-firing midrange unit, and a down-firing woofer in its own dedicated part of the enclosure. Two passive radiators have been added to reinforce bass performance. Able to cater to larger rooms, the wireless speaker has 60W (RMS) power behind it.

It is finished with a mix of Muirhead leather and metal. To create a more immersive experience, the FS1 also includes built-in LED lights designed to work and synchronise with Philips’ Ambilight TVs.