Vicoustics are combining sound and art in the home

The single VicShape 3D and the two panels of the diptych VicShape 3D Duo are relief art panels elaborated from three layers of PET HD for sound absorption enclosed in a frame in oak veneer.

The 3D artwork of these geometric wall sculptures combines with the abstract art lines  tpo make them a design piece for modern homes. The VicShape 3D panels can be arranged individually or placed in parallel as a diptych or even a triptych, by mixing the single panel with the two dual panels. The panels are easy to apply to a wall using the included hanging support bracket, just like a common art board.

Available in black and grey, the panels are a combination of three overlapping 12mm cut-out layers that reach a maximum of 36mm, made from PET HD, a High-Density VicPET Wool nonwoven textile produced mainly from recycled plastic bottles, which results in a sustainable choice for green building projects.

VicPET Wool is a low-emitting material with acoustic performance, designed to perform primarily in medium and high frequencies, all this with the added value of the PET HD having the sides in the same colour as the entire panel.

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