Wharfedale launches standmount speakers

The new addition to the Heritage Series is the compact three-way Super Denton with extended frequency range.

The Super Denton measures just 360x246x275mm and sports domed midrange and treble units, with 50mm and 25mm diameters respectively, and a 165mm bass driver. The diaphragm is fashioned from woven Kevlar and tuned with the cabinet and rear-firing reflex ports to deliver bass extension down to 40Hz. Developed from the midrange driver in its EVO4 Series, the Super Denton’s 50mm fabric dome delivers upper-midrange and lower-treble frequencies. The wide dispersion of this domed diaphragm aims to ensure clarity further up the frequency range.

The three-drive united required an unusual design as the midrange and treble units are offset from the centre, which helps to maintain the speaker’s compact stature as well as scatter reflections from the cabinet edges. The cabinet itself uses a combination of woods to scatter panel resonances rather than having a single resonant frequency. An inner layer of high-density particle board is bonded to an outer layer of MDF by an inter-layer of glue. The Super Denton is supplied in matched, mirror-imaged pairs. Owners can place the speakers with the treble units on the inside and midrange drivers on the outside, or vice versa, according to sonic preference in their room.

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