Zuma Lumisonic combines light and sound for immersive experience

A new British tech company, Zuma, has introduced the Lumisonic, which it describes as a “completely new way to experience truly immersive high-performance lighting and high-fidelity audio”.

Zuma Lumisonic is an ultra-compact, high-performance loudspeaker combined with a low energy LED light which is installed into the ceiling in the home.

With tuneable dimmable light, the user has the choice of 1000 different shades. It also features 75W of high-quality audio with a built-in Class D amplifier which connects through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Alexa, AirPlay, and Spotify Connect.

Users have full control of the light and sound through the Zuma mobile app as well as through voice commands using Alexa.

The ceiling light fixture is available with round and square bezels in original white (Simplicity), or white/silver mesh (Supernova). It is easy to install and set up.

Regardless of which bezel option the user chooses, the Zuma Lumisonic is priced at £375 and is available now.

Zuma was founded by Morten Warren, ex-designer and founder of Native Design, and his team includes multiple audio and smart home technology pundits, including Laurence Dickie, the world renowned audio engineer who was previously chief acoustician at Bowers & Wilkins and responsible for the Nautilus loudspeaker.

Image: Zuma