PaintCam makes its mark with paintball-firing security camera

Slovenian startup OZ-IT is making an aggressive play for the home security space with PaintCam Eve, a paintball firing camera that promises to stop intruders in their tracks.

A Kickstarter campaign begins on April 23, 2024, with fearful property owners expected to pledge funding in return for a camera that uses face recognition technology to separate friendly targets from those with malicious intent, peppering the latter with paintballs or even tear gas.

PaintCam has equipped Eve with face recognition, automatic target marking and AI-based decision making to help identify unfamiliar visitors. A verbal warning can be issued from PaintCam before persistent intruders (as well as confused visitors, delivery drivers and canvassing politicians presumably) are then at risk of being blasted with a barrage of paintballs, or worse.

The chances of identifying and firing at an incorrect target, or indeed the legal implications that may follow a mistake (particularly if tear gas is involved), don’t appear to be part of the discussion surrounding the launch of Eve on Kickstarter. OZ-IT founders note that Ring started as a Kickstarter campaign before revolutionising the doorbell market and have hopes to do the same in the home security space. We’ll soon know if homeowners are attracted by the proposition and time will tell whether Eve is a supreme safety system or legal liability.

Further details of all three models of PaintCam’s cameras can be found at


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