All-in-one KNX toolkit for professionals

The KNX smart home technology has many advantages that enhance homeowners’ daily lives. Still, you might face hurdles in informing and convincing your customers about the benefits of a KNX smart home. After looking into the challenges you might face when connecting with your customers and promoting your services, we've developed a solution to address these needs.

With our toolkit, we provide you with a mix of handy instruments - ranging from branded flyers to a video you can add to your website – to facilitate communication with your (potential) customers, while also encouraging your growth as a KNX installer. The KNX toolkit for professionals is completely free for KNX Professionals and can be downloaded via your MyKNX account. 


What does the KNX toolkit include?

KNX leaflet: Give potential customers a brief introduction to KNX with this printable handout. You do not need to create your own material that list the main benefits of a KNX system for homeowners, you can easily download the 1 page leaflet and hand it to your customer.

KNX installation unit sticker - the new KNX Inside logo: With the installation unit sticker, KNX inside, you can include the project ID and your name for future reference. Your customers will more easily be able to contact you as your details are the electrical cabinet. The KNX label identifies the smart home installation brand and serves as a seal of quality. Furthermore, when new occupants move into the smart home, they instantly who to contact to customize the installation to their needs…you!

KNX objection handling manual: Potential customers might have misconceptions about or reservations towards smart home systems or KNX specifically. In this handy manual, we’ve listed the most common objections along with effective counterarguments to clear any doubts.

Checklists on project management: The first checklist provides a guideline at the start of a residential automation project, you can fill in the checklist together with your customer to identify their specific needs and residential spaces in their home. The second checklist helps navigate a handover of a project between professionals (if necessary).

Security checklist: It is indispensable that you create secure installations to leave your customers worry-free. This list provides a handy overview of final checks you should apply for each project to make sure the installation is properly secured.

Best practices: Are you about to start a new project? If so, then review the best practices form with your customer to make sure that the highest standards recommended by KNX Association are followed.

Guide on embedding our KNX branded video to your website: Emerge potential customers into a KNX smart home with a professionally edited video on your personal website.

Guide to uploading a project to myKNX: Uploading your projects offers you more visibility as an installer, as your project and contact information will be shared in the professional database of KNX.

Web content for professionals: We prepared the main explanations and benefits of KNX for you. All there is left for you to do is add the content for homeowners on your website.

Social media video: Are you professionally active on social media? KNX provides you with a ready-to post social media video to use on your channels.

In conclusion, the all-in-one KNX toolkit for professionals is a comprehensive and invaluable resource for anyone involved in the KNX smart home industry. It addresses the critical aspects of communication, marketing, and project management, ensuring that you can confidently and effectively engage with your customers. You can access it by logging in to your MyKNX account at

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