CEA Five Technology Trends to Watch 2015

By CEA This annual Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® publication looks at technologies that will shape both our professional and personal lives. CEA represents more than 2,000 companies that are investing in innovation every day. While difficult to select just five sectors to focus on, CEA analysts use the latest consumer research and market forecasts to choose areas with significant industry potential. We look at the opportunities with Big Data, efficiencies with robots and drones, lives improved by digital health, astounding new entertainment experiences, and disruptive opportunities and business models in the new innovation economy. We also take a quick look at a few technologies that we previously reviewed, but still remain essential in the CE industry: 3D printing, the Internet of Things and privacy. Five Technology Trends to Watch is a special supplement to CEA's bi-monthly flagship publication, It Is Innovation (i3). content.ce.org/PDF/2014_5Tech_web.pdf

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