In the Field: Patrick Schappert of Grobi

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Patrick Schappert
Grobi Kaarst near Duesseldorf, Germany
Countries/territories Serve:
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands  

Patrick-Portrait-266x400How long have you been an Auro Technologies dealer or integrator?
Since last year, so for one year now.

How do you pitch Auro Technologies-centered home cinema and home entertainment concepts to your clients? What is the system’s major selling point for you?
We demonstrate and explain the benefit of Auro-3D and how it functions in several videos on our Youtube channel "GROBITV".
Here we demonstrate the loudspeaker layouts, we made video interviews with producers and artists who worked with Auro-3D when it comes to content, for instance, Wisseloord Studios or with artists, such as Lichtmond.
We have installed Auro-3D in two of our demo rooms and can demonstrate several solutions based on hardware from Marantz, Denon, and Auro's own AV Range. We demonstrate these samples together with projectors on big screens. The focus lies on home cinema users and music fans.

What is your most successful residential integration project using Auro-driven components? What did the client request? 
We have done several projects like this, from "living room" installations to highend, self-made cinemas. All this is documented on our Youtube channel in interviews and documentation presents.


Did you face any challenges with this installation project? If so, what were they and how did you overcome them? If no, how did you implement the client brief into your 3D audio design?
Of course. You need to have the right loudspeaker to do a wall installation. We are currently using loudspeakers from Dali and KEF, especially the Dali Fazon and Ikon series, which are perfectly designed for compact installation in the four walls.

When the project was completed, what feedback did you receive from the client? Customers were more than happy. They couldn't believe that the Auro-3D sound is sounding the same or even better than in our studios.

Llanor Alleyne is editor of HiddenWires.

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