What makes Trinnov and the Altitude platform truly unique?

Trinnov reveals the secret ingredients to its unique Altitude platform.

Exclusive hardware and software
The Altitude32 was introduced at the end of 2014, followed by the Altitude16 in 2017. Both processors are powered by the same hardware platform that uniquely leverages the power of computer-based processing and software.

There is no secret: a solid hardware platform combined with continuous and increased R&D efforts is the key to long-term success. Genuine innovation and bold technological decisions are the foundation of the Altitude’s success. 

More importantly, our vision has always been to maximise our control over what we do. This requires that we make as much as we can in-house. We do not merely assemble pieces from third-parties into a chassis; we add value with our own pioneering technologies and software innovations. This is what truly sets Trinnov apart. 

This vision and ongoing innovation has allowed us to release major features as free software updates before any other manufacturer could provide the same feature (even at added cost). We have frequently done just that. The most recent example is the introduction of DTS:X Pro earlier this year, after an entire year of close collaboration with the engineering team at DTS. The Altitude is still the only platform to support DTS:X Pro as we write these lines, almost a year later. This major achievement, among others, has led to numerous awards for our platform by EISA, CEDIA and CEPro.

Latest addition to the Altitude Platform: an exclusive Dolby Atmos object viewer

The Optimizer Technology
We initially built our reputation with a ground-breaking approach to audio calibration. The introduction of our Optimizer technology at an AES convention in 2006 changed everything. The Optimizer is the only solution used across the entire production and playback chains in thousands of state-of-the-art studios and commercial cinemas.

Having been developed for audio professionals, the Optimizer is probably the most powerful and flexible solution available on the market. We are convinced that its flexibility is required to achieve the highest possible performance in any given environment.

A recent and noteworthy example can be found in how we helped Samsung and K-Array in the Samsung experience centres. Having no central speaker physically installed behind The Wall presented obvious challenges but represented a good example of how the flexibility of the Optimizer proved both relevant and effective.

A strong team of experts to help you
Our engineering, support, and technical sales teams all have extensive experience in audio: engineering, studio backgrounds, careers in the AV industry. Our profiles and backgrounds are rich and varied, with one common denominator: our passion for sound. 

Although we are still a fairly young company, we hold over 50 international patents and have authored many scientific publications and white papers. We are also one of the major contributors to the new CTA/CEDIA-CEB22 recommended practices.

We believe we can legitimately call ourselves experts in the field of audio and this expertise is one of the core values we can bring to our customers during design, implementation, and calibration stages, or when providing subsequent technical support.

Our platform allows us to log in remotely to any Trinnov processor connected to the internet in just a few seconds to provide remote assistance on the spot. 

To learn more, please contact us at contact@trinnov.com.