Alexa can now up the bass on Sonos and other enabled speakers

As part of another small but fun update from Amazon HQ, it has been announced that owners of Alexa-integrated speakers can now ask the voice assistant to boost their bass (and get the party started), and adjust other equaliser settings.

Owners of Echo devices and 3rd party speakers with Alexa functionality (like the Sonos One & Beam, Pioneer Elite, Poke Command bar, and more), can give voice commands to change the equaliser settings on its speaker to play with bass, midrange and treble.

Users will also be able to change sound modes too – especially suited for film, TV, music and sports, or switching to quieter listening on ‘night mode,’ or similar.

Although a US launch for now, like most things, Amazon is likely to roll out the update to other locations soon.

Amazon furthermore announced that it has opened up its equaliser settings to let developers bring it to more speakers so it’s not just owners of the newly launched Sonos Beam soundbar and other select few who can have their fun.

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