Amazon wants more Alexa-powered lamps in the home

Just in case Amazon didn’t dominate the entry-level smart home enough, it seems it also has its eyes set on making Alexa-controlled lamps your lighting of choice in the home.

It’s not just upgrades to its smart speaker line up being worked on at Amazon HQ – the retail powerhouse just released a reference guide that includes “smart” lamps.

With smart lamps not yet the staple of the home Alexa and Google Home devices have become, Amazon hopes to encourage more 3rd party companies to create voice-controlled lamps through a newly released design reference. It has chosen speakers from Junlam & Narui and one smart lamp from Adition in a bid to inspire others to use their designs to quickly produce their own take on Alexa-powered lighting devices.

With Amazon’s track record of encouraging companies to come onboard the Alexa bandwagon, this will likely lead to more smart lamps being released that can do a lot more than just turn on and off.

Adition is known for producing a lamp speaker featuring 2 mics and a warm, dimming light, in addition to Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. It also supports a number of the most popular music streaming services. Amazon calls such products "an example of how Alexa can be integrated into products already found in the home” and has high hopes they will take off in the not too distant feature.