Legrand North America Acquires QMotion

Legrand, North America announced today that it has acquired advance shading systems manufacturer QMotion. QMotion will become part of Legrand’s North American Building Control Systems (BCS) business.

QMotion’s window shading systems will integrate easily with the intelligent lighting control and automation solutions offered by Legrand BCS. Legrand says this creates a more comprehensive portfolio of advanced solutions that provide energy efficiency and lighting Lla_Feature_QMotion_White-Roller-Blind-London-Room-Setcontrol for residential and light-commercial applications. Homes to high-performance buildings will have shading solutions run by quiet, low-power consumption motors that allow manual and automated control of artificial and natural light.

“I’ve very much enjoyed working with my team to design and manufacture high-quality, automated shading solutions for applications where hard wired solutions are not feasible,” said Willis Mullet, owner and CEO of QMotion. “I am confident this acquisition by Legrand will continue QMotion’s strong growth and provide further advancements into the commercial shading market along with lighting and smart home integration systems.”

“This acquisition is about providing better solutions for controlling light and energy in different spaces. This goes beyond managing just artificial light; it’s about glare reduction, reducing heat load, scene setting and other automated controls for managing light and energy,” said John Selldorff, President and Chief Executive Officer, Legrand, North America. “QMotion products offer some unique functionality and energy-efficient benefits that will differentiate us from anything else in the market.”



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