Amina launches Mobius i series to celebrate 20th anniversary

Amina is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the launch of the latest line up of invisible speakers, Mobius i series.

Building on the popular Mobius series released three years ago, the new i series demonstrates a further leap in acoustic efficiency with improved overall acoustic performance. 

Continued research into driver technology, with significant advances made possible by simulation in the virtual domain, have allowed Neodymium to be saved by creating novel geometries, yet improving the performance of the finished loudspeaker. The research has resulted in the second-generation Excelsior class high frequency driver which the new Mobiusseries is based around. 

The upshot is a 6dB boost in mid-range sensitivity, an extended lower frequency boost and increased smoothness and extension in the high frequencies. Both the Mobius5i and the flagship Mobius7i boost high frequency reproduction above 30KHz. 

This launch comes at a special time for the company – the 20th anniversary of Amina. 

In 1997, Richard Newlove, the founder of Amina, who at the time was leading one of the original teams within the NXT group, saw an opportunity to create great acoustically performing products disguised as something else. 

Originally just for the commercial market, Newlove came up with the idea of designing audio technology products that would be hidden in its environment rather than being aesthetically dominant.

In May 1999, Newlove established Amina with a licence from NXT, and began designing and manufacturing in the UK for the local and European commercially oriented customer base. 

In 2001, a German architect working on a new bank headquarters for Bohn and Berlin wanted to use the company’s products but demanded that absolutely nothing was to be seen. He wanted to be able to have the speakers completely flush so that there was no shadow gap and wanted to be able to paint over it to match the rest of the wall. 

Newlove recalls: “We came to an agreement to go away, design a product that actually could be skimmed over entirely. If it worked, he would pay us. If not, we would walk away empty handed.” 

The customer was delighted with the result and therefore a new line of invisible speaker products were born.

As the market developed, in 2005, the company started to develop invisible speakers for the residential custom installation market in addition to its commercial channels. 

Now, celebrating their 20th anniversary, the company invests heavily in R&D to keep refining the performance of its invisible loudspeakers whilst broadening their appeal in wider markets. 

The Mobius i series is available now for shipping worldwide. Retail price starts at around £800 each in the UK.

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