Como Audio enters UK market through Connected Distribution

US smart music system brand, Como Audio, has appointed Connected Distribution to distribute its user-friendly connected audio products to the UK market.

Based in Boston, US, Como Audio was founded in 2016 by 40-year veteran audio pioneer and Hall of Fame audio designer, Tom DeVesto.

Formerly the founder of Tivoli Audio, Cambridge SoundWorks and other well-known brands, DeVesto’s goal with Como Audio was “to make a high-quality product that supports the latest technology, is simple to operate and makes it easy to access all of the music content available through one device that would deliver multiroom, true high-fidelity sound, in a compact and beautifully made distinctive design.”

Como Audio’s first products, the Solo and the larger Duetto, were designed to allow consumers to listen to music from an iPhone, Spotify, Bluetooth, Internet, FM or DAB Radio with a simple touch of just one button.

Today, the company produces a range of different audio products, including the Amico, a portable multiroom audio system for indoor and outdoor use, and the Musica, a complete Wi-Fi streaming multiroom audio system with built in CD player that also includes Tidal, Deezer, Napster, and Amazon Music.

Recently, Como Audio introduced the Turntable which connects directly to the Como Audio music systems, or a standalone hi-fi system. It also launched the Bluetooth Turntable which, as its name suggests, connects wirelessly to the Como Audio products.

Introducing Como Audio’s products to UK consumers, Connected Distribution has launched a direct to consumer website to undertake sales, with free shipping directly from its warehouse.

“We knew as soon as we heard the Como Audio products and met with Tom DeVesto that they were something special,” said Mike Bonnette, Connected Distribution’s product director. “The audio quality is exceptional for a product in its class, and the ease of operation makes them one of those rare technologically advanced products that isn’t daunting to use.

“We are very pleased to be able to bring another of Tom’s winning product lines to the UK consumer and open up the benefits of streaming and multiroom audio to people who would never have previously considered it.”

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