Apple acquires AI home security patents from failed company Lighthouse

It has been reported that Apple has bought a total of eight patents and patent applications from Lighthouse for its AI-based home security camera.

Reported by IAM, Apple acquired the patents from defunct company, Lighthouse, late last year but details have only recently been published in the US Patent and Trademark database. 

The patents are thought to be related to computer-vision based security, visual authentication, video capture in low light conditions, voice interaction, incident sharing, and more.

Lighthouse released the security camera just over a year ago, believing the product to be unique with its AI capabilities, built-in 3D sensor and automatic face detection. However, the company closed down less than 10 months after the launch, with CEO Alex Teichman posting to the website: “Unfortunately, we did not achieve the commercial success we were looking for and will be shutting down operations in the near future.”

This acquisition news hints at the possibility for Apple to move into the smart home market with their own security camera.

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