AWE Opens its Doors and Invites You to Experience its New Cinema Room

AWE has announced that it will be opening its doors on the 18th – 20th November and inviting installers, manufacturers and the media to e...

AWE has announced that it will be opening its doors on the 18th – 20th November and inviting installers, manufacturers and the media to experience its new cinema room and get up to date on company developments and product updates. “The AWE Expo is always a popular event and we are pleased to be hosting a second one of 2014” said Stuart Tickle, Managing Director or AWE. “The event provides us with the opportunity to have more in-depth conversations with our dealers and demonstration a range of new products. The last Expo was the official opening of Alexander House and the show apartment. Some of you will have noticed that there was one door which you weren’t allowed to open. The time has now come for you to step through and experience what we have been building.” AWE DOLBY ATMOS CINEMA Thanks to Denon and KEF, the cinema room boasts an Atmos surround setup providing exceptional audio quality, but at a more realistic price point than the uber expensive demos out there. The Denon AVR-X5200W AV receiver has been specified at the heart of a 7.5.4 Dolby Atmos layout, powering the superb KEF CI R series speakers. That is a 7 channel basic configuration, with 5 matching in wall active subwoofers and 4 in-ceiling speakers. The AWE team has also fitted Philips Dynalite LED lighting control, URC Total Control, and obviously a projector and screen, details of which are currently top secret. “The show apartment has attracted an ever increasing number of installers and many fit home cinemas, so we wanted to provide a space where they can bring their clients to demonstrate what can be achieved” commented Stuart. “We have paid close attention to the specification of typical set ups and the room reflects this perfectly, albeit evolved to incorporate the latest sound format.” HEOSâ„¢ by Denon The AWE Expo marks the launch of AWE exclusively distributing HEOSâ„¢ by Denon, the wireless multi-room sound system into the install channel. Visitors to the event will be able to experience the superior quality for themselves. HEOS is a major new product line from Denon, and AWE will be supporting this with its award winning distribution, technical support and training services. HEOS comprises three active speaker options – HEOS 3, HEOS 5 and HEOS 7, the HEOS Link for adding a HEOS zone to an existing amplifier system, and the HEOS Amp which provides any set of stereo speakers with the same system capabilities. Unlike other multi-room audio solutions on the market, HEOS works off a home’s network, both wired and wireless using dual-band 5GHz 802.11n for the best possible connection. This means that wired and wireless units can be perfectly integrated within the same system, unlike products which utilise a dedicated wireless mesh network. An optional HEOS Extender wireless bridge is also available to extend a home’s wireless network where required. Set up and control is completed via the dedicated HEOS App, allowing an installer to complete the designation of zones quickly and easily. HEOS supports Spotify, Deezer, Napster and Tuneln, or content on any networked PC and can direct these sources to multiple or individual zones. For further information and to register for the Expo, dealers should email, call +44 (0)1372 729777, or visit:

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