Bluesound Introduces High-Resolution Wireless Multiroom Audio System

Bit-perfect ripping, copious storage and robust streaming capabilities, coupled with native 24-bit digital signal processing with high-qu...

Bit-perfect ripping, copious storage and robust streaming capabilities, coupled with native 24-bit digital signal processing with high-quality format codec integration truly defines Bluesound as best-in-class in the premium audio category. Launching with four distinct players that offer total flexibility, and free iOS and Android apps to control the system through a smartphone or tablet, Bluesound is a 24-bit native, pure-digital multi-room wireless streaming music ecosystem designed and engineered by an alliance of audiophiles. Bluesound delivers a family of dedicated, multi-room wireless streaming digital music players, giving listeners the ability to playback their own digital music collection and play content from most popular online music services as well as internet radio, in native HD to any room in their home. This “higher-than-CD-quality” hardware and software offering is integral to Bluesound’s mission of introducing a wireless generation of music lovers to true high-performance fidelity. No matter where music is streamed from - a computer, a VAULT, a NAS drive, a USB drive, via Bluetooth or straight from the cloud (or all of the above) - Bluesound places the utmost importance on music integrity. By stretching the bounds of possibilities in the development of custom hardware and software, Bluesound ensures that the digital signal remains true to the artist’s original recording. The Bluesound line up: NODE The NODE (£399) is a non-amplified wireless streaming music player that finally connects all of your digital music to any existing stereo system. Designed to stream in HD, the NODE fully supports all music streaming formats (like MP3 and AAC), and houses a high-performance sigma-delta 24/192 DAC that even handles high-resolution formats (beyond CD quality) such as FLAC and OGG effortlessly. POWERNODE The POWERNODE (£599) is an amplified wireless streaming music player with a patented, award-winning premium DirectDigital (DDFA) amplifier at its heart. The unheard-of 35-bit/844kHz DDFA virtually eliminates any noise or distortion from the music by keeping the signal perfectly digital right up to the speaker terminals - the cleanest, fastest and shortest signal path ever offered. Capable of driving sophisticated high-end speakers, and including a subwoofer output, the POWERNODE draws only half the power than most other systems require to provide its 90- Watt output, making it also more energy efficient than anything comparable. VAULT The VAULT (£899) is a wireless streaming music player, vault and CD-ripper with a dedicated, acoustically-quiet 1 TB high capacity HDD built right in - allowing music lovers to rip their entire CD collection once and for all in bit-perfect, lossless high resolution formats using proven, industry-standard open-source ripping software directly onboard. And all without a computer. The VAULT will even simultaneously create maximum-quality MP3 copies for sharing on mobile devices where space is at a premium. Boasting the same audiophile-grade DAC as the NODE, the VAULT offers music lovers a unique option to catalogue, preserve and enjoy their music collections in true HD. PULSE Bluesound’s all-in-one compact streaming music speaker system, PULSE (£599 SRP) is a state-of-the-art streaming powerhouse, capable of filling any room with crisp clarity and deep textured sound - in high definition. Designed by audiophiles and custom-tuned in one of North America’s most advanced sound labs by award-winning master speaker designer Paul Barton, the PULSE is custom-tuned for a perfect 24-bit listening experience anywhere in the home. The PULSE’s three specialised drive units (one 5.25” subwoofer and two full-range 2.75” aluminium cone drivers - total 80W), are independently driven by three dedicated DirectDigital amplifiers. Capable of clean 39Hz deep bass and crisp, shimmering highs, the PULSE brings music to life in three-dimensional clarity. DUO The compact DUO (£899) powered subwoofer / satellite speaker combination offers precision- tuned digital equalisation with the POWERNODE’s DirectDigital amplifier, resulting in rich clean bass and true high resolution performance. By carefully matching the amplifier to the driver characteristics, a synergy is achieved that boosts the level of performance far beyond what could be achieved otherwise. The DUO features an 8” powered SUB, capable of 280 total watts dynamic peak, plus a pair of matching satellite speakers with 4” woofers and 1” aluminium tweeters. The DUO’s massive range and crisp detailed sound will wow those who are looking to create the ultimate wireless HiFi digital system. Controller Apps Bluesound’s free mobile apps on iOS or Android devices feature functionality designed specifically for music lovers. Larger-than-average album art views, smart playlist management and the ability to sync two or more players together for “house party” mode are only a few of the highlights. With immediate access to internet radio via TuneIn, and a host of streaming music services being integrated regularly, such as Spotify Connect, Rdio, WiMP, Qobuz, HIGHRESAUDIO, Slacker and Deezer, the mobile app delivers intuitive control over all the music ever recorded, right to your fingertips. Highlights and Key Features of Bluesound: • Bluesound is an all-new brand from the owners of prestigious audiophile brands NAD and PSB. Combines advanced technologies from NAD and PSB. • Wireless, high-performance digital audio designed for both digital music lovers and audiophiles. • Bluesound is the first truly HD wireless digital music system with a premium, audiophile-grade feature set. • Delivers a family of dedicated, multi-room wireless streaming digital music players, ultra-compact cabinet finished in striking gloss black or white. • Individual Bluesound models are PULSE, VAULT, NODE, POWERNODE and DUO. • Acoustic voicing by renowned speaker designer Paul Barton. • Industrial design by noted designer David Farrage. Bluesound products are available in the UK now.

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