CEDIA Partners with Crestron to Offer Ultra HD/4K Training

Free online and in-person Ultra HD/4K training available now The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) is coll...

Free online and in-person Ultra HD/4K training available now The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) is collaborating with Crestron to lead global training initiatives on the Ultra HD/4K revolution. CEDIA and Crestron have partnered to make Ultra HD/4K implementation easier, more intuitive and more profitable for home technology professionals and third party manufacturers. Through a joint training initiative CEDIA and Crestron have developed a new course, Understanding Ultra HD/4K Technology, with an exclusive eCourse version only available through CEDIA Training. This course serves as an important benchmark as the residential technology industry moves to full adoption of Ultra HD/4Kas the standard for display resolutions. “As the leading provider of education in the residential technology industry, CEDIA has helped its members set the standard for design excellence, technical knowledge and customer service,” said Don Gilpin, CEDIA Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer. “Partnering with Crestron allows us to advance our members’ knowledge in the field of Ultra HD/4K and provide the training they need to successfully implement Ultra HD/4K in their customers’ homes, creating an additional avenue for increased profitability.” “Our clients demand the best. There’s no question that the quality and beauty of Ultra HD/4K is just that, the best resolution available.” said Randy Klein, Crestron President and CEO. “As pioneers in developing digital media products that lead the 4K revolution, Crestron has the experience and resources to help drive adoption of the format in homes across the world. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with CEDIA to bring Ultra HD/4K training resources to our industry.” In addition to having the right products, a successful Ultra HD/4K integration requires designers and engineers to understand the intricacies of installing 4K products. The newly developed course, Understanding Ultra HD/4K Technology, covers the differences in Ultra HD/4K technology as compared to its 1080P predecessors and what it takes to successfully distribute such signals. Participants will gain a better understanding of Ultra HD/4K, including the improvements it offers in image resolution, the math in calculating the higher rate video signals, and the transport mechanisms through HDMI. Home technology professionals have the option of taking an eLearning version of the course or an instructor-led version. Both options are offered to CEDIA members and non-members at no cost. www.crestron.com www.cedia.net

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