CEDIA: Tap into White Paper Resources

CEDIA is committed to providing first class training for home technology professionals and newcomers to the industry through its extensive education programme. But training doesn’t start and end in the classroom.

An important part of the education support that CEDIA provides focuses on sharing ideas and knowledge as widely as possible to encourage industry best practice.

CEDIA Home Tech Pro 2020 1For this reason, CEDIA continues to create white papers as part of its commitment to sharing ideas and knowledge to encourage industry best practice resources.

Created by industry specialists, these white papers are a great source of understanding technical information and trends, and are provided in digestible chunks.

In fact, CEDIA’s broad range of white papers are increasingly becoming a staple read for many within the industry, and are available for download from the CEDIA website at discounted prices or free to CEDIA members.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the documents that we have available.

Home Technology Professional of 2020
The CEDIA Technology Council is releasing a new series of white papers throughout 2016, in its Home Technology Professional of 2020 series.

Thanks to the rapid development in technology over the last five years, the smart home market remains in a high growth phase. However, there are many uncertainties about what will happen in terms of the marketplace, technology, suppliers, and customer demographics.

In light of this uncertainty, Home Technology Professional of 2020:Marketplace predictions offers insights into the technological advances and market pressures that are likely to occur over the next five years in the industry.

CEDIA has collated consumer insights and conducted instrumental industry research to produce intellectual projections on how the market is likely to progress. The white paper will help businesses prepare for the advances in technology and indicate which new skills will be required, as well as explaining how companies should respond to possible changes. Ultimately, the white paper will help ensure installers provide the best industry practice for their business and clients with the developments that are expected to occur. 

Other white papers in this series, to be released throughout 2016, will address topics such as home entertainment, control and connected devices, sustainability, lighting and security, privacy and safety.

Audio, Video and Control Architectural Drawing Symbols
The new 'ANSI Standard J-STD-710 Audio, Video and Control Architectural Drawing Symbols', developed jointly by CEA, CEDIA, and InfoComm, defines a common set of blueprint icons that represent all facets of pre-wire and installation of electronic systems, products and devices in residential and commercial environments.

This standard consists of nine categories of CAD symbols that are broken down into nine separate Visio stencils. There are graphics, mount type, and device options for each specific symbol. The nine categories/stencils are audio video, communications, control, electrical, electronic safety and security, furnishings, generic, HVAC, and vacuum cleaning systems. The J-STD-710 Electronic Symbol Files to accompany this white paper are available to download.

UK VAT Guidance Notes for Home Technology Professionals
This white paper assists UK business owners in understanding the laws surrounding UK VAT. With complex UK laws and regulations, VAT is often a topic that raises many questions and can trigger unnecessary, and sometimes costly, mistakes. The clear and handy guideline explores how business administers VAT, the VAT schemes available and notes on avoiding the pitfalls and penalties of UK laws when being clear on what can and can’t be claimed. The latter section of the document highlights new build schemes, explaining where clients can save on VAT via these schemes.

Translated white papers: French and Italian
CEDIA continues to translate core white papers into both French and Italian which has proved highly beneficial to members in a number of countries across the region.

Such translated white papers include ‘HDMI Installation Best Practices’ or, ‘Concevoir une Installation HDMI’ and ‘Buone Pratiche Per L'installazione Di Cavi HDMI’ in French and Italian respectively. This is the third white paper written by CEDIA on the subject of HDMI and covers the best practice in HDMI distribution, including topics such as how to pull HDMI cables and basic HDMI tests. 

Another popular CEDIA white paper is ‘Understand 4k Technology’ is now also available in Italian, ‘COMPRENDERE LA TECNOLOGICA 4K’. This white paper explores in comprehensive detail Ultra-HD 4K technology, analyses where it is addressed and discusses what this can mean for CEDIA members.

How to access CEDIA white papers?
Please visit www.cedia.co.uk/whitepapers to see CEDIA’s full collection of English, French and Italian white papers, available to download today.


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