CEDIA UK VAT Guidance Notes for Home Technology Professionals (Updated)

By CEDIA There is much confusion with regard to the laws surrounding UK VAT. CEDIA has put together a document to assist business owners who are running a Custom Electronic Design and Installation company. The business paper explores how your business administers VAT, which VAT schemes are available and notes on what you can and can't claim. The document also highlights new build schemes and how you can save your clients VAT via these schemes. These notes includes the recent August 2014 update to VAT Notice 708 (Building and Construction) from HMRC that confirms that central controls for light, heat and ventilation, including intelligent lighting systems, have been added to the list of ordinarily’ incorporated items in dwellings. Please note this is general guidance only and specific advice should be sought directly from HM Revenues & Customs or your accountant. This price is inclusive of VAT Price for CEDIA Members: FREE Price for non-members: 35.00 GBP www.cedia.co.uk/white-papers?action=view&id=QV01EL191801

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