ProKNX’s smart assistant for elderly wins award in Germany

ProKNX won third place in the Best Product of the Year category this week at the annual SmartHome Germany Awards.

The award was given to the Aragon Companion, ProKNX’s new offline smart home assistant that enables seniors to live safely and independently at home for longer.

Following the award ceremony, ProKNX’s CEO, Christian Kiefel said: “Together as an industry we are changing the face of the smart home to reflect the modern needs and desires of everyday life. Our goal in using this intelligent technology is to help people live more comfortably and safely in their homes than was previously possible.”

He also stated that he was extremely pleased with coming third place and congratulated the two other winners of the category, Lebensräume and Hoppe-Gruppe.

Operating offline to keep the lives of the user completely private, the Aragon Companion is a combination of a voice controlled smart assistant that can be used to manipulate lights, blinds, and heating, and an intelligent device that monitors the daily routine of people living alone.

Carrying out passive problem detection, the assistant evaluates data received from installed motion detector, sensors or manual switching actions and learns the routine of the individual. It can then detect anomalies such as staying in the bathroom longer than usual, abnormal meal times, or an unusual rising time. It will then alert an outside caregiver to check on the person. A nominated carer can also be contacted through an active verbal request for help.

Unlike many other smart home systems, the Aragon Companion is a plug-and-play device that transmits data over local Wi-Fi. It can be installed quickly and easily into both new builds and retrofit homes.

“We are committed to making inexpensive, high-quality senior-friendly living possible with simple means,” added Kiefel. “The psychological and physical benefits for seniors of being autonomous and safe in their own homes are enormous for the individuals themselves, and for society as a whole.

“At ProKNX, we believe that the Aragon Companion can make life more comfortable and far safer for the seniors of today and will also have a vastly positive impact on our daily lives as we become the seniors of tomorrow.”