Chromecast now works with Google Home speaker groups

Big news for Google fans: Chromecast can now be enjoyed across groups of Home speakers around the home.

Google has just added the ability to hook up Chromecast to Home speakers on a larger scale – bringing with it the ability to queue up your favourite song, playlist or audiobook or similar and synced across Google Home speakers and other Chromecast products.

Reportedly, all generations of Chromecast devices should be compatible with the feature although the rollout has only just begun from yesterday and likely will be a gradual process.

Google had promised to expand on the ability to pair Bluetooth speakers with the Home app and integrate Chromecast with multiple speakers for a while and now, and now TV sound can be thrown into the mix. It naturally requires a bit of tweaking on the Google Home app, but once fine-tuned can support creating a nice receiver/entertainment centre set-up and bringing surround into the home. When syncing a TV with Chromecast to a speaker group it will display song information and a changing background image.

According to VentureBeat, Google’s recently unveiled Home Hub smart display and the even newer LG Xboom WK9 will be able to be added to speaker groups later this month.

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