New Samsung MicroLED TV set to be announced

It has been reported that Samsung will unveil a brand new MicroLED TV this week via webinar.

The manufacturer introduced MicroLED technology for the first time with The Wall two years ago at CES. It was unveiled with a huge 146-in screen and since been released in various sizes including 75-in, 88-in, 93-in, 110-in, and 150-in. 

Now, Samsung is set to unveil a new MicroLED TV later this week via a webinar (yet to be announced). Details of the TV have not yet been revealed but industry pundits are speculating that the company have focused on the home entertainment market in regard to its features and specifications.

Similar to OLED technology, MicroLED are self-illuminating pixels that emit their own light and offer high contrast ratios and deeper blacks while using less power. However, some of those in the industry argue that Samsung’s MicroLED TVs should not be classed as MicroLED as they use millimetre-sized LED modules rather than micrometer-sized modules. 

UPDATE: Read the details on the new announced TV here.

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