Consumers ready to invest in smart home tech are put off by these factors

Wary consumers are putting off smart home tech purchases due to overwhelming choice and installation fears, paving the way for pro installers to step in with advice and expertise.

According to a report from Unhooked Communications, two thirds of UK homeowners already own at least one piece of smart tech but have reservations about purchasing more. It could be good news for custom installers as 39% are put off by the wealth of devices with the same percentage concerned about correct installation. What’s more 37% are concerned about security risks.

Any good news for CIs however is tempered by the 43% of consumers that are concerned by cost.

The findings come from the Homes Unhooked PR and Marketing Report, which says despite concerns more than half of those surveyed hope to buy new smart technology for their home in the next 12 months. Drivers for purchasing include increased convenience (16%), enhanced security (15%), to improve energy efficiency (15%), and to create a customised home (8%).

Topping the list of planned purchases are smart doorbells (23%), smart lightbulbs (18%), external cameras (17%), smart plugs (14%) and alarm systems and locks (13%).

Top 10 home tech purchases planned in the next 12 months:

  1. Smart doorbell 23%
  2. Smart bulbs 18%
  3. External cameras / CCTV 17%
  4. Smart plugs 14%
  5. Smart alarm system 13%
  6. Smart lock 13%
  7. Lighting control system 13%
  8. Smart speakers 12%
  9. Smart speaker 12%
  10. Robot vacuum cleaner / smart robot cleaners 12%

Read the Homes Unhooked PR and Marketing Report

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