Control4 has released its new lines of wireless lighting keypads.

The wireless lighting line introduces holiday scenes for the season.

The keypads can activate a variety of lighting ‘scenes’, including specific Christmas themed lighting scenes such as ‘Merry and Bright’ – a button that plays John Legend’s ‘A Legendary Christmas’ on Spotify, lights a gas fire and sets living room lights to 60% brightness as well as turning on decorative lights.

The ‘Yuletide Party’ scene can turn on a gas-fireplace, cue multi-room holiday themed music as well as turn on Christmas tree lights and light a path to the house.

The Control4 wireless keypads offers a myriad of configurable keypad combinations on every new dimmer and switch, all of which incorporate status LED’s for two way feedback and backlit engraving.

Other scenes for the rest of the year include “Good Night” - a safety orientated setting that locks doors, lowers the temperature and shuts off lights while leaving safety lights on as well as “Home”, a one touch entry system that can be customised to suit a homeowner’s taste that can be triggered remotely via the Control4app.