Savant adds discreet wired motorised shades to its offering

Savant has expanded its shading portfolio to include both battery-powered motor solutions as well as new quiet, high-powered wired motors.

Both options are designed to be subtle in the home, fitting into the same low-profile tube and bracketing system.

Designed for retrofit projects, the new rechargeable battery-powered motors are installed into the same JGeiger bracketing system as the wired solutions and are available with over 400 fabric choices with sheer, translucent and blackout options, allowing integrators to sell shades based on design rather than technology. 


Savant’s advanced shading motor options are high-powered but operate very quietly. The new motors connect to Savant’s low-voltage power enclosure that easily manages power supplies for both low-voltage keypads and shades. 

As well as motor options, Savant also offers multiple bracket styles to accommodate the installation. Design-first exposed roller brackets are available in both inside/jamb mount and floating/outside mount styles, and can be ordered in white, black, black aluminium, and silver aluminium finishes. 

Savant also offers basic pocket brackets kits for use in both a traditional hidden pocket installation or as part of Savant’s Negative Reveal Pocket Kits. 

The new motor solutions are available now.