Control4 launches training for IP network installers

Control4 has announced the introduction of its Pakedge Certified Network Administrator (PCNA) programme, designed to equip installers with all the knowledge they need to manage wired and wireless IP networks.

The online training experience blends written assessments and hands-on practical learning, using Pakedge networking equipment used as a reference for learning how to design, install and manage IP networks. The PCNA curriculum incorporates interactive coursework and online office hours for extra help, before concluding with an online certification exam.

Commenting on reasoning behind introducing the course, Martin Plaehn, CEO of Control4 said: “Reliable and consistent network design is foundational to a responsive and stable connected home, and it’s pivotal to our dealers’ success and their customers’ satisfaction. Yet today, over 30 percent of support calls we receive from our dealers are tied to network connectivity issues and not equipment failures.”

“In our commitment to deliver fantastic connected home experiences via all of our dealers, we are strategically investing to foster a community of skilled network technicians by providing them with a network training and certification programme.”

Installers can complete PCNA coursework from home or at the office. Enrolment in the 6-course curriculum also includes Pakedge networking equipment (U.S. MSRP value of $2,300) for hands-on tutorials – this comprises of:

•             RK-1 Router with BakPak

•             SX-8P Managed PoE Switch

•             WK-1 802.11ac WAP with 2x2 MIMO array and 1.3 Gbps aggregate throughput

•             P2 Power Distribution Unit

•             Cables

Topics covered in the course include the fundamentals of how TCP/IP works, identifying the difference between different types of Ethernet cables and detailed exploration of how to configure network routers, switches and wireless access points.

After passing the PCNA exam (proctored by a third-party), technicians are certified and are awarded a certificate of completion.

The first two PCNA courses are available for Control4 and Pakedge dealers online. The full course schedule is as follows:

•             Course 1: Networking Essentials – available now

•             Course 2: Switches – available now

•             Course 3: Routers – available September 26, 2017

•             Course 4: Wireless Access Points – available October 3, 2017

•             Course 5: Remote Monitoring & Management – available October 10, 2017

•             Course 6: Network Planning – available October 17, 2017

Enrollment in the PCNA certification programme, including the required Pakedge gear, costs US $1,250 up front, with a $600 rebate upon achievement of a passing score on the PCNA Exam within 60 days of registration.

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