D-Tools Announces Availability of SI 2015

D-Tools has announced the availability of the newest version of its award winning System Integrator software platform, SI 2015. This majo...

D-Tools has announced the availability of the newest version of its award winning System Integrator software platform, SI 2015. This major release delivers a new Mobile Install feature as well as deeper integration and enhanced cross-functionality with QuickBooks, AutoCAD, Visio, and more. “To see SI 2015—with its Mobile Install and Mobile Quote features, and newly enhanced QuickBooks integration in action—is to understand the incredible functionality and unrivaled toolset it provides to those that implement it,” says Adam Stone, president and founder of D-Tools. “Whether you are a business owner, sales professional, project manager, designer, engineer or installer, SI 2015 will have a dramatic impact on your business efficiency and profitability.” Now available, the newest iteration of the D-Tools System Integrator software platform features several new features, including Mobile Install. Building on the architecture of D-Tools Cloud infrastructure, SI 2015’s Mobile Install (MI) gives users the power to publish Install Tasks and Service Orders to a portal powered by the D-Tools Cloud that can be accessed by technicians and installers in the field from any smartphone or tablet as well as to send and receive device-level notifications. SI 2015 users can also schedule installs and make updates to a centralized calendar then broadcast those appointments and changes out to their team in real-time, using the new Mobile Install feature. These adjustments will automatically synchronize with the SI 2015 platform for accurate time and installation tracking, which equates to far more efficient bookkeeping. SI 2015’s enhanced integration with QuickBooks and other accounting software allows integrators to track inventory and order status, sync vendors, and more. Highly effective AutoCAD (including AutoCAD 2015) and Visio-based drawings provide clearer and more concise communications between team members and consultants for more effective project management. D-Tools’ Mobile Quote is also available as a companion iOS app for SI 2015. A workflow-enhancing application, Mobile Quote represents a fantastic opportunity for systems integrators, consultants, tech managers, and advisors to work with customers in the field to secure an accurate and immediately deliverable system design quote­­—before the customer has time to second guess the decision or find alternative resources. A free 30-day trial of the D-Tools System Integrator platform can be downloaded from www.d-tools.com/30-day-free-trial. d-tools.com

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