designflow to announce company updates at Invision’s Technology Showcase

Invision’s Technology Showcase will see designflow announcing a number of company updates as well as providing visitors with stress-free design solutions.

The Showcase is the industry’s first chance to see designflow’s revamped pricing structure. The company is transitioning from a project percentage-based design fee to a price per drawing fee. Therefore, there is a revised price list and a supporting design fee calculator allowing customers to price up their design fees for their project. 

Also being introduced is the new A3 hardback sales book. This can be tailored to suit an integrator and includes a sample project from beginning to end. 

designflow has also launched a matched deposit scheme which was first launched at ISE this year. The matched deposit scheme means that designflow will match any deposit placed on design during Invision’s Technology Showcase in the form of a credit note, effectively halving the new price list. 

A competition will also be launched at the two-day event where designflow will give visitors the opportunity to have the cost of proposals refunded against the design fee when the job is converted into a live project. 

The event, which is being held on 20-21st March at Mercedes Benz World, will have several brands exhibiting and showing new products, company updates and some will be providing keynote speeches over the two days. 

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