Panasonic’s new Customer Experience Centre opens

Last week, the HiddenWires team was invited to experience Panasonic’s new Customer Experience Centre.

Featuring a range of different scenarios, the centre is aimed mainly at customers looking for commercial solutions, however it was interesting to see a cross over into the residential market. 

The experience is split into two zones and begins with an immersive 270-degree interactive presentation space nicknamed ‘Panatown’, showing customers eight separate virtual vertical environments. Depending on their areas of interest, visitors can choose what environments they want to view and, to get more information on particular areas of interest, customers can scan a touchpoint with their phone and extra information will be automatically sent to them. The second zone gives customers the opportunity to try out some of the technology themselves in some of the environments. 

The hands-on experience can be used to show customers how Panasonic’s solutions can benefit their individual situations as well as using the space as a tool for partner training and product testing. 

The six areas explored in zone two include intelligent security solutions, AV solutions, mobile rugged computing, retail solutions, communications solutions, and professional camera solutions. 

Panasonic Experience Centre

Particularly interesting for the residential market, Panasonic’s intelligent security zone demonstrates both indoor and outdoor CCTV hardware as well as innovative technology designed to make surveillance systems as effective as possible. 

For maximum protection of the smart home, Panasonic’s FacePRO facial recognition technology can detect faces even when they are at an angle or the person is wearing sunglasses for example. Panasonic’s 360-degree camera allows users to get an entire view of the area in one single image which can also be broken down into quadrants to view scenes in more detail without distortion. 

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