Draytek Security & Router Best Practice Whitepaper

By Draytek The 27 things every router and WiFi user should know Your router is the gateway to an entire business network and data. Even the best security equipment requires correct usage in order to ensure that its features are effective. There are many simple practices that every router user should adopt to help reduce the risk to their network or business as well as some very common and simple mistakes that people habitually make - simple mistakes which could then be exploited by others. We've produced our free guide "Router Best Practice" which contains essential information for anyone installing, configuring or using a broadband router or wireless LAN. The guide is vendor agnostic; it applies to all brands of router, so whether you use a DrayTek router or not, this advice should be indispensable. www.draytek.co.uk/pdf/DrayTek-White-Paper-Security-Best-Practice.pdf

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