GE Appliances brings smart hub to the kitchen

GE Appliances is bringing smart technology to the kitchen with its Kitchen Hub, currently being showcased at CES 2019.

Launching in May, the Kitchen Hub is an interactive smart kitchen and ventilation system that GE claims to be the first of its kind.

The Kitchen Hub is the main product being demonstrated by GE Appliances at CES 2019 after first being introduced as prototype during CES 2018 and the multiple interactive stations allows visitors to experience the full capabilities of the hub.

The 27-inch smart touch screen and ventilation combination is designed to fit above the range and features forward-facing cameras to interact with friends and relatives and an overhead camera to take photos of what the user is cooking and easily share it on social media or send to a friend. 

Kitchen Hub

The hub is built on GE Appliances U+ Connect platform enabling it to connect with other smart home devices around the house. Some of the features accessible on the Kitchen Hub include: recipes; music with access to Spotify; stream movies through Netflix; social networking and live video chat; built-in Google Assistant allowing owners to create shopping lists, create meal plans and search the internet; control of other smart home apps such as temperature and lighting; and much more. 

To keep up with the ever-developing smart homes market, the open platform is easily updateable and allows owners to add tools and resources to make full use of updated features and functionalities of the Kitchen Hub. 
You can try out the Kitchen Hub this week at the GE Appliances booth – LVCC, Central Hall, 11128 – at CES 2019.