Gira enables voice to control eNet SMARTHOME 2.3

Gira has added voice control technology and designer control top units to the Gira eNet SMARTHOME.

In response to new trends where people are spending more time at home working, studying and socialising, Gira has made the additions to bring greater ease and luxury to the control of the home.

This latest full system update will allow users to have more wireless elements in the Gira eNet SMARTHOME with Conrad Connect, a platform which links devices and services from over 100 manufacturers. This unlocks the ability to create a more personalised home environment and can link devices with the push of a button or by talking to a digital assistant.

The new Gira eNet wireless operating top units and wall transmitter gives users full lighting control at the touch of the switch, allowing them to simply switch the lights on and off, dim them, and choose their favourite mood lighting.

The locking systems for the blinds and shutters can also be activated from anywhere in the house to prevent being locked outside after dark. The battery-operated transmitters can be fixed to the walls with screws or adhesive pads for convenience.

The new Gira eNet SMARTHOME Update 2.3 is designed to be user friendly and coordinate with its design lines featuring a range of high-quality frames, sockets, and switches.

It also brings new features to the home, including voice control, remote control, and smartphone compatibility. To use voice control, users need the eNet SMARTHOME skill for Amazon Alexa or the eNet SMARTHOME app for Google Assistant or Google Home. They can then link the My eNet account to their Amazon or Google account to get started.