Heatmiser Announces Next Generation of Under Floor Heating Controls with 'Control From Anywhere' Functionality

Under floor heating you can control from anywhere. Every year more and more people choose to install UFH (Under Floor Heating) in thei...

Under floor heating you can control from anywhere. Every year more and more people choose to install UFH (Under Floor Heating) in their homes. There are lots of different reasons why this heating method is now preferentially selected by so many UK homeowners. Commonly these include; the desire to “de-clutter” walls, fully utilise room space, reduce decorating and maintenance requirements, improve heat distribution throughout the room, take the chill off cold floors, reduce heating costs or simply minimise installation disruption. Whatever reasons individual homeowners have for choosing under floor heating, we are sure all will appreciate the advantages Heatmiser’s latest Neo control system provides. Our new generation neoStats differ from previous UFH controls in that they do not require CAT5 cabling. Professional installers know that CAT5 is brittle, sometimes difficult to lay and notoriously easy to break. When a break occurs, troubleshooting the break point can be challenging and this often adds significant “fixing” time that busy installers could really do without. Eliminating the CAT5 cabling significantly eases installation and also helps reduce the overall cost of installation for the homeowner. The greater the number of neoStat controls you install in zones, the greater the accumulated benefits. Whether they are configured to work with remote probes or their built-in air temperature sensor, neoStats provide accurate control of each separate zone and are easy to program and operate using their stylish touch-sensitive keypad or neoApp. Better still, neoStats also offer Heatmiser’s Control From Anywhere(TM) functionality. We honestly believe that this is a real step change for installers and homeowners alike. Those who have previously tried alternative systems will know that before they could control heating using a Smartphone or Tablet there was a need to complete a quite complex configuration using a computer. The process of selecting a fixed IP address and configuring port forwarding is certainly not straightforward and can be difficult for many people to get right first time. Thankfully, Neo does away with that cumbersome process completely and features our most advanced “plug & play” setup procedure to date. Not only do you not need any special computer knowledge to configure Neo, you don’t even need a computer. Just connect the neoHub to the router, power up and then configure everything simply and quickly using the free neoApp. Especially when multiple neoStats are installed, the convenience of setting comfort levels from the Smartphone or Tablet is a real time saver. However, the ease with which the Neo system sets up is also mirrored in its daily use by homeowners. Using the neoApp, homeowners can instantly modify programmed settings from anywhere. The app enables groups of neoStats to be controlled easily with a few clicks and swipes and “Global Commands” enable users to apply new settings to all of their neoStats in one simple command. This level of advanced functionality, easy installation and easy operation sounds like it should be a more expensive option. However, the overall costs of installing Neo are actually less than older systems. Both installers and homeowners can really save time and money using Heatmiser’s Neo UFH controls. To see our range of starter kits and individual models please visit www.heatmisershop.co.uk/room-thermostats-c1/neo-app-controllable-thermostats-c61. To see how easy it can be to install and use Heatmiser’s neo system, please watch our system video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuOqK_SUqSE or visit the neo microsite: neo.heatmiser.com

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