and AVPro Edge announce partnership

To further enhance the home automation and the power of artificial intelligence, is collaborating with audio and video distribution company, AVPro Edge.

The new partnership opens another avenue to allow’s natural voice control and privacy-focused approach to home automation to integrate seamlessly into project designs. 

As part of the Distributed AV workflow, AVPro Edge amplifiers and switches will auto-populate the web portal for configuration. Integrators can then efficiently assign input sources and output zones for whole-home media control. 

Bringing a whole new feature set of functionality to the home,’s AVPro Edge support allows users to switch inputs, control volume levels, distribute a single source to play across multiple zones, and route multiple sources across multiple zones verbally via Josh Micro or manually through the intuitive app. 


Known for its natural language function, gives users the ability to give multiple instructions in one command, such as: “OK Josh, dim the lights on the first floor, listen to Thriller by Michael Jackson in the kitchen, and watch Stranger Things in the living room.” 

This command will see handle the content search using its available streaming services and applicable sources, then activates the AVPro Edge gear, which routes the requested content to each zone.

Dealers in EMEA shouldn’t get excited though. is still only available in the US with no current plans to expand that to further regions.