Keeping your home secure with launch of Homey Cameras

Athom has introduced Homey Cameras, a new feature as part of the Homey v2.2.0 software update that rolls out to all Homey users today.

Many brands and types of cameras can be viewed through the Homey app from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s an expensive security camera or a cheap IP cam, Homey creates the same experience for all devices.

Homeowners can create a Flow to send a live snapshot to their smartphone when something is detected. For example, users can set it up so that if someone rings the doorbell, an image will be sent to the phone. Or for safety, when a motion sensor detects movement and no one is at home, it will send a snapshot to the phone.

This is being rolled out in a software update available today. Both Homey v2.2.0 and Homey app v2.4.0 are required to use Homey Cameras.